Lemon Desserts Southern Living - Recipes and Craft

Lemon Desserts Southern Living

Citrus fruits are perfect because they can be either sweet or tart. This lemon coconut pound cake loaf is the quintessential dessert it combines the bright fruity flavors of tangy lemon and nutty coconut into a soft moist loaf.

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Over fifty years at southern living weve had many desserts that have been reader favorites and it is always a pleasure to share sweet delights with you.

Lemon desserts southern living. This dessert is a twist on the classic sour cream pound cake recipe which has been so popular with our readers that we actually featured it on our june 2006. From the beauty of our annual white cake to the fun of pies bars and muffins desserts are often a favorite part of any mealor any day. Southerners are crazy about icebox pies and there are plenty of reasons whyduring hot summers and springs falls and even winters in the south turning on the oven negates that wonderful air conditioning and makes baking synonymous with sweating.

The best southern living lemon cake recipes on yummly lemon vanilla pound cake with lavender glaze lemon orange pound cake limoncello cake with fresh berries. Desserts bring the sweetness of life to the table in all its endless varieties. From grilled peach.

These citrus dessert recipes take the unique flavors of orange lemon or lime and turn them into citrus sensations. Try our traditional southern dessert recipes for cinnamon rolls lemon pie peach cobbler and more or whip up something quick to satisfy a craving with a revamped southern recipe. No meal is complete without a dessert.

Lemon coconut pound cake loaf pound cakes are a southern staple. Enjoy citrus on its own with dessert recipes like our easy orange rolls refreshing lime sherbet or lemon souffles.

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